Anal Sex Like An Ol...
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Anal Sex Like An Olympian
Anal Sex Like An Olympian
Grup: Basic
Katılım : 2021-06-15


Catherine was lying on her stomach with her legs spread wide and her knees bent. The guys already knew what to do. Since now it was the first turn to hammer Alexey's mother, she did not take off her panties, just took out her penis and climbed on the woman. He crawled up close to her pussy, wrapped his arms around her legs below the knees and adjusted them to himself so that he was more comfortable. His cock quickly hardened and grew in size, crawling like a snake on my mother's clit. The woman moaned slightly with pleasure, and slightly moistening her hole and the head of Lehi's club with her saliva, she placed his penis inside herself. After that, Alexey began to go deeper into the mom in smooth jerks, which would eventually reach the desired depth and intensity of the fuck. Catherine had already begun to moan and whine with pleasure, she had long been used to the size of her sons, but then another healthy bolt fell on her face – Anton's penis. The woman, like a hungry fish, instantly swallowed her son's stick by one-third, and helping herself with one hand, began to suck him, trying to get in time with Lehi's movements. Katya's pussy got wet pretty quickly, and the room was filled with the squelching of the woman's pussy, her mumbling and moaning, and thick the snuffling of the guys. Alexey finished quite quickly, stabbing his cock into his mom until it stops during orgasm. But the experienced Catherine did not miss the member of the second son from her mouth. Alexey got off the woman and lay down next to her, panting. Catherine released her mouth.



- Antosha go put it in the pussy, the hole is free-the woman said affectionately, turning the penis right in front of her face. Thick white sperm flowed out of the freed hole. Anton entered his mother like a knife in butter. An abundance of lubricants and a short break knocked the guy's rhythm, and he snorted with displeasure. But the member without problems went to the full depth and Catherine even had to bite her lower lip a little, so as not to start shouting obscene expressions all over the house. Trying to help her son, Ekaterina strained her groin muscles as best she could to milk Anton's penis. The woman's vagina squelched and slurped until the very end of the process, which took a little longer. While one brother was drilling his mother's pussy, the other already took a breath and reported to the couple that he went to get dressed. Catherine, through the squelching of her pussy and her own moans, even suggested to the guy that he should dress in such heat.



Finally having finished in Katya, and Anton having taken out the member fell down near to rest. After lying down for a while, the woman got up and began to dress without even washing herself. There was no time, so you can fuck for half a day, then wash, then fuck again… She wiped the leaking sperm a little with napkins and that's good. Anton had less time to catch his breath, so he went to dress, breathing like a steam train. However, flexible soon everyone was ready to leave. The guys were in shorts, T-shirts and sneakers, and Ekaterina put on a pink underwear set and a white sundress with pink ribbons. Since there was a lot of walking to do, the woman wore sneakers on her legs. Her hair was braided and decorated with a pink ribbon. Lech without problems, one hand picked up the bag and all three went to the park for walks and picnics.



The journey to the park turned out to be very fun. Catherine and her sons enjoyed the walk and each other's company. Even played in "cities", only the truth was played mainly by Ekaterina, constantly prompting her men to this or that locality. Several times, however, I had to stop to remove the whitish liquid running down my legs with a wet cloth. Katya has already begun to regret that she did not spend these 5 minutes at home to visit the shower.



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