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Welcome to Mr. English! If you would like to take English or Turkish private lessons from us, please watch the video and read the text below.

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English Private Lessons

Are you looking for teachers for English tutoring but don't know who to trust as there are so many options? Then how about taking private lessons from Mr. English, who created the platform known as Mr. English and has proved to you with his free English video lessons he created so far?

Hello again everyone, I am Gökberk teacher - aka Mr. English. I have been teaching English professionally since I was a university student in 2004. So far, I have had hundreds of happy and successful students. In my last year in the Department of American Culture and Literature at Bilkent University, I received the English Pedagogical Formation education from Hacettepe University and officially became an English teacher. As someone who believes in lifelong learning, I also received Cambridge University's CELTA certification in the following years. For as long as I can remember, I have been committed to constantly improving and learning new language teaching techniques. As Mr. English, I want to help you.

If your goal is to be able to use and speak English in actuality, you may have noticed from the dozens of training videos I have prepared that I am someone who knows how to properly teach English. I want to make you love English and reach your goals. Our lessons are practice-oriented. As a teacher, I aim to make you speak even a few sentences from our first lesson. I make you both speak and write English in a very short time. Of course, if you have some background, our job will be much easier and you will be able to speak English fluently in a short time.

If you are aiming to pass English proficiency exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC we also have training related to them. I prepare a special training program for you and provide all necessary training materials (such as mock exams and exercises). All you have to do is do our lessons according to my instructions and continue your work outside of the classroom.

In addition to teaching English, I have been teaching Turkish to foreigners professionally for the last 5 years. If you don't know, Teacher Gökberk is the founder of both the "Mr. English" and "Turkishaholic" pages. The aim of "Turkishaholic" is to teach Turkish to foreigners fondly. Just like at Mr. English, I have dozens of video lessons for learning Turkish in "Turkishaholic" too.  

We have another English teacher within Mr. English, her name is Memduha teacher. You can watch her video upon her request if you visit our website. Now I will tell you about our reservation system and how you can book online tutoring.

Online Lesson Reservation

We do all private lesson reservations on the "Turkishaholic" site, which I mentioned earlier. Why? Because I opened the "Turkishaholic" site before and my system there is already installed and working. If I set up a separate system for Mr. English, there may be a conflict with the tutoring reservations.

The course reservation system has a completely English interface, but don't worry, I'll explain everything. I will explain the steps you need to take for reservation one by one. Attention please; Before booking any lessons with us, I kindly ask you to read all the documents on the "Mr. English" page in detail. In the first step, I want you to examine the "Teachers" section on the "Private Lesson" page. You can see the promotional videos of Gökberk teacher – who is me - and Memduha teacher. You can find detailed information about the subjects they teach, what kind of language teaching method they use, and the tuition fees. Both Gökberk teacher and Memduha teacher are experts and trained teachers in their subjects. If you want a reference, if you visit Mr. English's "Testimonials" page, you can read the good words our former students said about our lessons.

After reading all the private lesson documentation, we first ask you to contact us via e-mail. You can send your e-mail to “” or “”. In your e-mail, we ask you to introduce yourself and tell us in detail what kind of lesson you want to take (English or Turkish, general course or exam preparation). We also ask you to tell us which teacher you would like to take lessons from and when you are available. If you are contacting us from outside Turkey, please tell us which country you are in and the city. Let's know exactly the time difference so that the lessons go smoothly for both the teacher and the student. After sending your e-mail, we will contact you within 12 hours or 24 hours at the latest. After reaching an agreement on both sides, you can make a lesson reservation from the online lesson reservation system, which I will now explain. Please do not skip this step and book a lesson directly on the reservation system, because we do not want to give lesson approval without knowing whether we can fully meet your needs. After the things mentioned in this step are completed, please move on to the next step.

Using the Reservation System

To go to the online course reservation system, you need to click the "Make Reservation" button below. If you are watching this video on our social media channels, please click on the "Private Lesson Reservation" link in the video description and then click the "Make a Reservation" button on the page you came to. After clicking the "Make Reservation" button, you will be directed to another site, this site is "" Please make sure that you only access this site for your safety and that you are not redirected to another site. Such a thing does not normally happen, but it is good to be careful. Please visit our website only with your computer. There may be a very low probability of problems with reservations made from smartphones or tablets and we do not want to leave you in a difficult situation.

When you reach the reservation site, you do not need to log in to the site in the first step. There is no such thing as membership registration on the site, anyway. I'll explain why at the end, don't worry.

Step One - Lesson Type and Lesson Day

First of all, you need to select the service you want to get from the Lesson section. If you want to take private lessons in English from us, select the Learn English option from the Lesson Type section. Foreign students who want to take Turkish lessons from us should choose the Learn Turkish option. Then choose the teacher you want to learn from in the Teacher section.

In the continuation of the form, you will choose from which date you are available, which days and hours of the week you want to take lessons. Select the day you would like to take the course on in the I’m available on or after option. If you want only certain days of the week to be included, you can uncheck the options that appear there and start with Mon. By changing the Start from and Finish by options, you can see the availability of free days, excluding the hours in a certain time range. It will be better for you if you press the Next button directly after selecting the date and without touching the other parts because you will see which hours are available in the teacher's schedule at the next stage. If you specify the options here too much, you will be offered fewer booking options.

Second Step - Approve Day and Hour

After pressing the Next button in the previous step, a calendar and a schedule will appear. If the teacher's schedule is open for that day, you can directly see the reservation for that day, otherwise, you can see the next free day.

For example, if you want to make a lesson on February 15th, you have to make a lesson reservation 48 hours before at the latest, otherwise, you cannot make a reservation for that day, the system will not allow it. The reason we do this is that the teacher needs a certain preparation time for the lesson.

Before selecting the day and time you want, please select the city you are in from the Time Zone Switcher section that appears above the calendar. If you live in a different time zone from Turkey, you can see the available timetables in your time zone. This system is usually automatic, but if it appears to be a different city from the one you are currently in or if you are in a different country and time zone on the day you book the lesson, this section is really important. Students can directly choose the option Istanbul in Turkey. After selecting the Time Zone, Date, and time, the page will automatically direct you to the next step.

Step Three - Repeating Lessons

In the Repeat step, fill this section in only if you want another repetition of the same lesson, otherwise you can directly press the Next button and proceed to the next step.

If you want to do a lesson on the day and time of your choice for the next week, for a month, and for a certain number of times, be careful what I will explain in this section.

First, click the Repeat This Appointment box, and additional options will open. Let's say you made a reservation at 5 o'clock on a Wednesday and you want this reservation to be repeated at the same time every week. Then you will select the Weekly option from the Repeat section. In the first step, if you booked your course for Wednesday, Wed will automatically be marked. You can also select other days of the week here, so you can make reservations for another day of the week at the same time. My students who want to have two lessons a week should make the setting here like this. You can then select the date you want this reservation to continue from the Until (Until This Date) section. If you want to repeat the reservation a certain number of times, not until a certain date, for example, if you want it to be 5 times in total, you can write the number 5 in the time (s) box. If you want to check the dates of all multiple reservations and make changes, you can click the Schedule button. Here you can change the day and time of the lesson to a certain date. If everything is ok, you can now press the Next button.

Step Four - Details

Please fill in your name, phone number, and e-mail address at the Details stage. Do not forget to enter your username and video conferencing application name in your Notes section, which video conferencing application you are using. We usually use Skype or Zoom applications in lessons, but if you have another application, we can use it as well. But do not forget that you must attend our classes on the computer. Please do not attend the lessons with your mobile phone or tablet, because you will have to type with the keyboard.

Please write the main e-mail address that you use regularly in the Email box at this stage. Once reservations are confirmed, I will send a username and password to this email address, and your future bookings will be associated with this email. When you log in to our site, you will be able to see all your reservations in the Your reservations section at the bottom of the main page. After logging in with your account, you can request cancellation and rescheduling of any lesson here. Of course, please contact us first before making any changes. After filling in the information here, please click the Next button and then move on to the step.

Step Five - Payment

At the last step, you will need to choose a payment method. Currently, we can only accept payments by Credit Card and Paypal. All payments are made through the 2CheckOut payment portal in a secure and encrypted manner. After clicking the Next button, our site will direct you to the 2Checkout payment portal. Here you can see the total fees for the lessons you want to book. Payments are made in Euros, but you can choose Turkish Lira or other currency units from the Change Currency (small links on the right) section. If there is no problem at this stage, please click the Continue to Billing Information button. Here you need to enter your payment information for the billing prepared by 2Checkout. After completing all the information here, click the Continue to Payment Method button. At the last stage, you need to enter your credit card information and then press the Submit Payment button. If you are using PayPal, by clicking on the Paypal tab you will be directed to Paypal's site and you will make your payment there. Once your payment is approved, the payment portal will redirect you to our site. You will see a message such as Booking Successful. When your payment is completed, you will receive an e-mail from 2CheckOut about your payments.

What Should I Finally Do?

When I receive your payment (usually within 6 to 8 hours at the latest) I will email you about your course reservations and course preparation. Please pay close attention to what I describe in this email. Please be ready at your computer at least 15 minutes before class time. We will also send an information e-mail on WhatsApp to the phone number you share with us. From now on, we will continue all our communication over the phone (or via e-mail if you wish).

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

See you in our private lesson!

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